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* Collector F.A.Q.s

Sullivan vs Dempsey - May 31, 1886 BoxingTickets.com

One of the hottest collectible items is the boxing ticket. It is the ticket, after all, that often best evokes that sense of what is was like when the tension and anticipation of the event was at its peak. It is the last thing you look at before you go inside. Many of the older tickets and even the newer large illustrated tickets from major casino fights are hard to find, great to look at, and on everybody's want list. Even if you didn't go, you want the ticket.

1) Are the tickets shown on this website for sale?
Not at this time.
Once the entire collection has been displayed, some will be priced for sale.

2) Will you purchase my tickets?
 Yes. Please send us a scan and description of the tickets you would like to sell and we will respond to you with an offer.

3) Do all of the tickets displayed belong to one collector?
Yes. The collection has been assembled by one collector over many years.

4) Are all of the tickets authentic?
 Yes. To the best of our knowledge they are. Please email us with any information that you may have that you think we should know.

5) Is all the information about the tickets correct?
We have included all the information to the best of our knowledge. We need help to improve on the historical information.
Please email us any corrections and/or additions that you may have that would help us add to the accuracy of our site.

6) Where does the information about these tickets come from?
The primary source of information is, of course, the ticket itself. Whether or not a specific bout took place, the ticket shows the promotion of the event proceeded to point of printing tickets. The main secondary source throughout the collection has been boxrec.com the excellent website database of professional boxing records. The basic information presented by the boxing historians at Boxing Records provided much of the detail of the results summarized and the undercards specified. To establish consistency throughout the collection, the names of boxers and the descriptions of weight classes, championships, and most locations & venues used by Boxing Records have been followed on this site. The superb boxing site Cyberboxingzone.com was also quite useful, especially in tracking the amateur careers and exhibition appearances of major boxers. Much of the material on Golden Gloves and other major amateur tournaments came from organizational website historical notes, and many other small details throughout the collection were cleared up, one would hope, through standard internet research. Though all attempts have been made to proofread and compile this information correctly, any mistakes are those of the editor, not the collector or the sources cited here. Should anyone note errors or inconsistencies in this material, please contact the editor through info@boxingtickets.com so corrections might be made.

7) How were these tickets scanned?
Scans were obtained using an Epson Perfection V500Photo scanner in 24-bit color at 300 dpi, and had the foreground filled with white to blend with the web site background. These images were saved to the web at medium quality in widths of 600 pixels (for large image display) and 150 pixels (for thumbnail display).

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